Connect with a
Community Fueling

Foreium is a professional network solution that enables individuals, businesses, trade organizations,
nonprofits, development groups, and governing entities interested in forging relationships and
finding exciting new professional opportunities. Members can also create their own privately branded
networks to connect and engage their unique audiences.


Create a profile, registered business page and Uforeium site to showcase your organization and engage audiences

Share information about your products and services to a community you create and manage

Locate new revenue opportunities


Create a professional profile with your CV/BIO for access to opportunities

Link your industry, core products and services provided

Global Partners

Access a network of vetted professionals and business

Identify qualified local suppliers and access business opportunities

Governing Organizations

Connect and engage citizens in the diaspora on economic, governing and other social initiatives

Channel and utilize the collective diaspora professional knowledge base to improve brain-drain challenges

Engage trade organizations